"Nellie" - 5 years
Nordic Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment
(SBIS Eng Am Ch Hubbestad Double Magic, JC - SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story)
30 november1995 - 21 september 2007
breeder & owner: Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden

It is so empty and quiet. My best friend is gone. There are no words.
We had 12 wonderful years together. Thanks for everything, wonderful "Nellie"!
Thank you Siw and Bj°rnar for letting "Nellie's" beloved daughter "Ofelia" come and stay with us.
She reminds me so much of her mother, and it makes life a bit easier for me, Peter and "Tessan".

11 years

7 years

8 years

"Nellie" on her 9th birthday

10 years
Our beautiful Nellie is a living miracle. She is the result of an insemination with frozen semen, imported from the U.S.. "Over there" lived the handsome black Greyhound SBIS Eng Am Ch Hubbestad Double Magic, JC and I had my eyes set on him for "Cilla" . . .

"Nellie" is my favourite - if you are allowed to have one - her temperament, her type and lines - she is everything I love in a Greyhund and I am extremely grateful for the time we get to spend together. She is still as beautiful at 10 years old as she was as a young puppy. The only problem is that she is too fond of her food and has grown a bit fat in her old days . . . so there is hope for all those people saying that they have anorectic Greyhounds. My problem is that my Greyhounds are too happy about their food! Thank goodness for that!

Photos: Per UndÚn

Nellie was an exceptionally beautiful puppy. She was Best Puppy In Show at an International Swedish Kennel Club Show at 7 months of age and Second Best Puppy In Show at a National Swedish Kennel Club Show at 8 months of age. (photos above)

At Helsinki Sighthound Club Show in July 1999 she was BOS (winning the CC making her Finnish and Nordic champion) under judge Noreen Harris from Australia. (photo)
The next day she was 2:nd Best Bitch under judge Espen Engh, Jet's Greyhounds, Norway. (Half brother Norton went BOS!) Not too bad for their first visit in Finland!

Although Nellie has not been shown much she is a Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Nordic champion.

"Nellie" is the dam of one litter of 2 male and 2 female pups, born in May 2002, by Sobers Zacchary. Unfortunately that is her only litter.
More about the litter, on the page titled "Greyhound litters" (The Miracle-litter). (The pups are 17 days in the photo.)

Daughter & mother: "Ofelia" - Norw Swed Ch Another
Story Miracle Moment - 3,5 years & "Nellie" - 10 years

Both "Nellie's" daughters have been shown with great success. "Ofelia" - Norw Swed Ch Another Story Miracle Moment had her first litter in August, 2005 - the very promising Eagles-litter, by Multi BIS Int Am Fin Est Swed Ch FinW-02-04 NordW-03 Windrock Fernando.

Granny "Nellie" - 10 years with Siw & grandchildren
"Chico" - Another Story New Kid In Town &
"Klara" - Another Story Lyin' Eyes (11 weeks)
and Bj°rnar with mum "Ofelia - 3,5 years

"Tracy" - BIS Int German VDH Czech Ch BundesJugSg-03 LandesSg Nordbayern-04-05
LandesSg Sachsen -04 Another Story Modern Miracle
, who has been extremely successful
in the show ring, particularly due to her amazing movement will be bred this spring (2006)
at kennel Aaron's Rod in Germany, owner Sylke Sattler.
(Photos: Dominik Rudolph & J÷rg Sattler)

"Nellie" has always been extremely fond of pups - just like her mum "Cilla" and when half sister "Tessan" - S Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield had blood in her milk, when her singleton puppy was 7 weeks old, "Nellie" gladly stepped in and took over, both as mum and buddy. It was a bit rough for her age, being almost 10 years old, but she loved it. Poor "Tessan" had to stay at Yvonne's mother until she was well again. But "Mille" had a blast!

"Nellie" - from puppy to adult

7 weeks

9 weeks

5 months

10 months

17 months

22 months

2 years

3,5 years

4 years

4,5 years

5 years

5,5 years

7 years

Yvonne's father Per-Inge
on his birthday in June, 2003,
with "Norton" - 5 years, "Nellie" -
7,5 years & "Tessan" - 5 years

with "Nellie" - 7,5 years

8 years

Yvonne with "Nellie" - 8,5 years - 2 May, 2004 - a birthday greeting to her pups on their 2nd birthday

"Nellie" on her 9th birthday

"Nellie" out in the snow -
on her 9th birthday

"Nellie" -
on her 9th birthday

"Nellie", "Tessan" & "Norton"
on "Nellie's" 9th birthday. It was freezing!

"Nellie" out in the cold
on her 9th birthday

10 years

10 years

10 years

In July 2006, "Nellie's" granddaughter "Klara" - Another Story Lyin' Eyes,
stayed with Yvonne & Peter for a couple of weeks:

"Nellie" & "Klara"

"Nellie" (10,5 years), "Tessan" (8,5 years)
& "Klara" (11,5 months)

"Klara" & "Nellie"

Yvonne & Siw with some Another Story-dogs in July 2006:
"Nellie" - Nord Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment (10,5 years),
"Ofelia" - Norw Swed Ch Another Story Miracle Moment (4 years),
"Klara" - Another Story Lyin' Eyes (11 months), "Chico" - Another Story New Kid In Town (11 months),
"Vanja" - Int Nord Norw Swed Dan Ch Dancing Queen (3,5 years), "Kala" - The Strong Will Survive (11 months)
& "Mythos" - James Brown (22 months)
photo: Hege B. Ask Krogh

30 November 2006 - "Nellie" 11 years old!

Yvonne & "Nellie" -
on her 11th birthday

"Nellie" & Peter with
the liver patÚ-/roastbeef cake.

"Nellie" & "granny"

"Nellie" loved the cake . . .

as did "Tessan".

"Nellie" - 11 years

"Nellie" & "Ofelia" killing toilet paper rolls with goodies inside. (September 2007)

"Nellie" - 11 years and 10 months old.

photos: Yvonne Karlsson & Peter Hultin

Pedigree of Nordic Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment.
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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Eng Am Ch
Hubbestad Double Magic, JC
Eng Ch
Ransley Fortune Seeker
Eng Ch
Padneyhill Prince Charming
Eng Ch Shaunvalley Bombadier
Eng Ch Padneyhill Shalfleet Spring Greeting
Exhurst Snowdrift Eng Ch Solstrand Pall Mall of Exhurst
Eng Ch Exhurst Enchantress
Eng Ch
Shalfleet Sea Dancer
Am Ch
Aroi Sea Hawk of Shalfleet
Am Ch Ekohils The Wizard of Oz
Aroi Town Swinger
SBIS Eng Am Ch
Shalfleet Shirley Ann, TD
Eng Ch Shalfleet Sir Lancelot
Eng Ch Shalfleet Spode
SBIS Swed Ch
Baldrey Fairy Story
Eng Ch
Northwells Moonraker
Am Can Int Nord Ch FinW-88 NorwW-93
Gallant Major Motion
Am Ch Heathero Really Gallant
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow
Moonbeam of Northwells
Am Ch Aroi Sea Hawk of Shalfleet
Exhurst Elegance
Eng Ch
Baldrey Mystique
Rondelin Marching Home Eng Ch Solstrand Double Diamond
Wenonah June Folly of Rondelin
Eng Ch
Sulamim Crystal Gayle
of Baldrey
Harestreak Black Phantom
Harestreak Oklahoma
pedigree compiled by Yvonne Karlsson

ę Bitte Ahrens, 1999

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