11 years

5,5 years
Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield
(Int Swed Ch Hickory's Nauticus - SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story)
23 February, 1998 - 2 November, 2009
breeder & owner: Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden

Time passed too quickly - I had hoped for more than the almost 12 years we got together. My Tessan is gone and it feels empty.
She was always happy, supersmart and always on the look out for the next morsel. She loved her activity game,
that took her 5 minutes to figure out on the first time. Every time she saw it, she actually screamed with happiness.
And she didn't allow any of the other dogs to participate! Life is so much more boring without her.

6,5 years

7 years

10 years
"Tessan" is a classic Greyhound with lots of curves and lines. She is kind and amiable. She loves the whole world, but together with her litter brother "Norton" - Swed Fin Ch Another Story Jay Gatsby, things tend to get a bit wild sometimes.

"Tessan" won her first certificate and went Best Junior of Breed at her first official Show at 12 months of age at a Swedish Sighthound Club Show, under Mr André van den Broek, Holland. She won her second certificate at her second official show at 15 months of age, at a Swedish Kennel Club International Show, under Mr Rainer Vuorinen, Finland.

(photo: Carina Renberg)

After a ten-months break from the show rings, "Tessan" made her debut in the open class under judge Eli-Mari Forseth, Norway, at the National Kennel Club Show in Avesta, 18 June, 2000, by winning the CC, thus completing her Swedish Championship - and going BOS. Her litter brother "Norton" went BOB.

"Tessan" with "Mille" 6 weeks

"Tessan" had one litter at age 7 - with a singleton puppy; "Mille" - Another Story Spitfire, dob7 June, 2005. He has his own page under Greyhound Litters - Litter 4.

7 months

3 months

3,5 months.

8 months

12 months

2 years

Half sisters: "Nellie" - Nordic Swed
Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment & "Tessan"

2 years

2 years

3 years

4,5 years

3,5 years

4,5 years

5 years

4,5 years

"Tessan" - 5 years
Midsummer's Eve 2003

"Tessan" - 7 years

"Tessan" - 7 years

"Tessan & "Norton" on their 8th birtday - 23 February 2006

"Tessan" - 8 years

Napping time in July 2006: "Klara", "Tessan" & "Nellie"

Three relatives in July 2006: "Tessan" - Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield (8,5 years),
"Klara" - Another Story Lyin' Eyes (11,5 months) & "Nellie" - Nord Ch Another Story Magic Moment (11 years)

photos: Yvonne Karlsson & Peter Hultin

Pedigree of Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield.
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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Int Swed Ch
Hickory´s Nauticus
Swed Ch
Jonz Graphic Design
Aust Ch
Huzzah The Voyageur
Am Can Ch Myosho My Musketeer
Am Ch Huzzah The One And Only
Am Aust Ch
Gallant Western Reunion
Am Can Ch Heathero Really Gallant
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow
Swed Norw Ch
Scottwil Aquamarine Dream
Eng Ch
Shaunvalley Cornelian
Eng Ch Rychyth Passya
Branwene Adria of Shaunvalley
Atalanta of Scottwil
Branwene Alaric
Eng Ch Branwen Hesper
SBIS Swed Ch
Baldrey Fairy Story
Eng Ch
Northwells Moonraker
Am Can Int Nord Ch FinW-88 NorwW-93
Gallant Major Motion
Am Can Ch Heathero Really Gallant
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow
Moonbeam of Northwells
Am Ch Aroi Sea Hawk of Shalfleet
Exhurst Elegance
Eng Ch
Baldrey Mystique
Rondelin Marching Home Eng Ch Solstrand Double Diamond
Wenonah June Folly of Rondelin
Eng Ch
Sulamim Crystal Gayle
of Baldrey
Harestreak Black Phantom
Harestreak Oklahoma
pedigree compiled by Yvonne Karlsson

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