"Oliver" - 3 years
Another Story Oliver Twist
(Int Swed Ch Hickory's Nauticus - SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story)
February 1998 - July 2002
breeder: Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden
owners: Annika Karlsson & Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden

Oliver & Patsy

"Oliver" sired a very promising litter (2 dogs + 1 bitch) at Telegram Greyhounds in Norway, ex Norw Ch Northwells Battle Royal, bred by Tormod Rist, (dob 27 September 2001).

Unfortunately we lost "Oliver", already at 4,5 years old, due to a nasty viral infection, that attacked a facial neve, right under an eye. In spite of all the money we spent and all the experts we consulted, there was nothing to be done. It was one of the worst moments of my life, when I had to put this wonderful, happy-go-lucky dog to sleep, but luckily he lives on in his beautiful children and grandchildren. My only regret today is that I didn't harvest semen from him for future use!

"Oliver" is already a grandfather to 7 promising litters - 4 in Sweden (Gruagach - Jim Powell, Blue-Dream's - Annki Oscarson, Telltale's - Anna-Carin Falk, Noblegrey - Ĺsa Lindahl), 1 i Norway (Telegram - Tormod Rist), 1 i Italy (Kiltown Abbey- Vittorio Passerino) and 1 in the Czech Republic (Decuma - Pavlína Lorencová).

Oliver - 7 months

Oliver - 13 months

Cilla & Oliver

Oliver - 2 years

Oliver - 3 years

Oliver - 3,5 years

Annika & Oliver -
2 years

Yvonne with
Oliver & Cilla

Yvonne with Cilla - 8,5 years
& Oliver - 3,5 years

Oliver - 3,5 years

Oliver - 4,5 years

Pedigree of Another Story Oliver Twist
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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Int Swed Ch
Hickory´s Nauticus
Swed Ch
Jonz Graphic Design
Aust Ch
Huzzah The Voyageur
Am Can Ch Myosho My Musketeer
Am Ch Huzzah The One And Only
Am Aust Ch
Gallant Western Reunion
Am Can Ch Heathero Really Gallant
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow
Swed Norw Ch
Scottwil Aquamarine Dream
Eng Ch
Shaunvalley Cornelian
Eng Ch Rychyth Passya
Branwene Adria of Shaunvalley
Atalanta of Scottwil
Branwene Alaric
Eng Ch Branwen Hesper
SBIS Swed Ch
Baldrey Fairy Story
Eng Ch
Northwells Moonraker
Am Can Int Nord Ch FinW-88 NorwW-93
Gallant Major Motion
Am Can Ch Heathero Really Gallant
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow
Moonbeam of Northwells
Am Ch Aroi Sea Hawk of Shalfleet
Exhurst Elegance
Eng Ch
Baldrey Mystique
Rondelin Marching Home Eng Ch Solstrand Double Diamond
Wenonah June Folly of Rondelin
Eng Ch
Sulamim Crystal Gayle
of Baldrey
Harestreak Black Phantom
Harestreak Oklahoma
pedigree compiled by Yvonne Karlsson

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