"Nezzie" - 14 months
Another Story Tiger Tale
(Dan Norw Swed Ch DKK JubileeWinner-07 NordV-08 KBHV-09 Eikica Elvish Eliott -
BIS C.I.B. Nord Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHV-07 Another Story Lyin' Eyes)
dob 11 December, 2008
breeders: Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden & Siw Tonje Bjerkelund, Norway
owners: Annalena Fagerström, Sweden, Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden & Siw Tonje Bjerkelund, Norway
Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Annalena with "Nezzie"
Phto: Yvonne Karlsson

In March, 2010, "Saga" moved to her new co-owner Annalena Fagerström in Karlskoga.
Since Annalerna previously had a dog called "Saga",
she renamed her "Nezzie". Annalena has previously had a greyhound,
none other than grandmother"Ofelia's" dad "Zacke" - Sobers Zacchary.
"Nezzie" now shares her home with two Hungarian Vizlas and five pure bred cats.
She loved them all from the start.

4,5 months
Photo: Siw Tonje Bjerkelund

11 weeks
Photo: Bjørnar Westmo

"Saga" is having fun in the snow with sister "Hilda" - 11 weeks
Photo: Siw Tonje Bjerkelund

3 months
Photo: Siw Tonje Bjerkelund

Saga (3 months) with aunt Elli
Photo: Siw Tonje Bjerkelund

14 months
Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

"Nezzie" loves all dogs. Here she is playing with her new "siblings", the Vizlas "Zadie" & "Shadow", and her new friend,
the German Shepherd, "Kajsa". She has also met the Greyhound "Grace" - Jagnes Antartic Ice Princess, who lives nearby.
When she has finished playing, "Nezzie" loves to sleep with one of the five cats she lives with, here with her favourite the Persian Björne.
Photo: Annalena Fagerström

Pedigree of Another Story Tiger Tale. Click on the underlined names to view PHOTOS etc.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Dan Ch
DKK JubileeWinner-07
Eikica Elvish Eliott
US Int Nord Ch SV-01
NV-02 NordV-02-07
Aroi Aryal
Winter Time Blues
Noblegrey Happy-Go-Lucky
SBIS Swed Ch Noblegrey Scarlet Pimpernel
Swed Ch Noblegrey April Love
Solstrand Follow The Blues
To Exhurst
Hubbestad Midnight Dancer
GB Ch Singing The Blues At Solstrand
Int Dan Swed Pol Ch EuW-00 ViceWW-03
Eikica Precious Pagan
Int Nord Dan Swed Fin Est
Lit Ch KBHV-97 WW-98
Eikica Kingsize Kazz
Int Nord Dan Swed Norw Lux Ch Jet's for Your Eyes Only
Int Dan Ch KlbCh PlSg Eikica Vanja Villain  
Dan Ch
Eikica Hellcat Henny
Int Dan Lux Ch WW-95 BW-95 KBHV-95 Eikica Bailey The Bookie
Int Dan Ch Noble Affair O'Fairway
BIS Int Nord Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHV-07
Another Story Lyin' Eyes
BIS Int Am Fin Est Swed Ch FinV-02-04 NordV-03 BaltW-06
Windrock Fernando
Greystone's Barcelona
BIS Am Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins, JC
Am Ch Arborcrest Europa, JC
Am Ch
Sobers Aquatica, SC
Int Swed Ch Hickory's Nauticus
Swed Ch SV-96 Sobers Storia
Norw Swed Ch
Another Story Miracle Moment
Sobers Zacchary Nord Ch NordV-97 Sobers Santaro
Swed Ch Solstrand Deja Vu d'Sober
Nord Swed Norw Fin Ch
Another Story Magic Moment
SBIS GB Am Ch Hubbestad Double Magic, JC
SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story
Pedigree compiled by Yvonne Karlsson

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