"Cilla" - 9,5 years
SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story

22 March 1993 - 31 December 2002
breeder: Mrs Jackie White, England
owner: Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden

Cilla - 7 years

Cilla - my black beauty - came from England, to live with me at one year of age. She quickly gained her Swedish Championship, although Cilla is not particularly fond of dog shows.

photo: Bitte Ahrens

Her greatest achievement in the show ring, was when she went Best In Show at the Swedish Greyhound Club Specialty in 1995, under Kjell Carnbrand, Sweden. (photo)

In the litter box Cilla really feels at home - she has had two litters and she is a wonderful mother with a lovely temperament.
She also had to act as a foster mother, for a while, for her grandchildren, when her daughter Nellie, was taken seriously ill, and couldn't tend her puppies (May 2002). (photo)

6 of her offspring have been shown. 5 of them are champions and between them, they have won 11 championship titles and 23 CC's in three countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway). Her daughter Emma - Another Story Emma Woodhouse is also the first Greyhound, ever, in Sweden to become a Lure coursing Champion! (August 2003)

Cilla is already the grandmother of 5 litters (Kimsar in Finland, Rhetsgis in Sweden, Telegram in Norway, Top-Flight Trophy's in Sweden and Another Story in Sweden. (May 2002)

12 of her young grandchildren have - so far - (September 2003) won 70 CC's in seven countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic). 7 of them are champions with - between them - 18 championship titles.

15 July 2001- Terttu was the first one of Cilla's grandchildren to become a champion, when she won her 5:th CC, at 2 years and 4 days old, thus becoming Fin Est Swed Ch Kimsar Feeling Blue, (breeders & owners Kimmo Saarinen & Seppo Tanninen, Finland).

22 July 2001- Terttu's litter sister Hannele went BOB and won her fifth CC, thus becoming Fin Est Swed Ch BalticW-00 FinW-00 Kimsar Feeling Blue. Her litter brother Leevi was BOS, thus becoming Fin Swed Ch Kimsar So Far So Blue. Leevi has later won his Estonian and Norwegian championship titles and also his Finnish Lure Coursing championship title.

June 2002 -Vesta - Kimsar Blushing Blue - won her 3:rd Finnish CC and her Finnish Championship title. She also went BOB. (The sire of the Kimsar-litter is Fin Ch Another Story Simon Templar.)

April 2002 - My - Rhetsgis Story in Red Velvet acquired her lure coursing licence.

June 2002 - Litter brother Gladiator - Rhetsgis Never Tell (breeder & owner Gisela Balz, Sweden), won his Swedish Championship title when he won his 4:th CC, only 2 years and 4 days old. Litter sister Vivian (Rhetsgis Tell The World) has 6 CC's - five in Germany and one in Austria).

August 2002 - Litter sister Betty - Rhetsgis Telltale, won her 12:th CC and her Swedish championship title. The sire of the Rhetsgis-litter is Swed Fin Ch Another Story Jay Gatsby.

We lost our beautiful girl on New Year's Eve, 2002.
Rest in peace, Cilla! We will never forget you!

March 2003 - Life goes on, and in March, 2003, Cilla's first great grandchildren were born at kennel Kimsar, Finland. (Photos can be found on the page My Great-Grandchildren.)

March 2003 - Cilla's granddaughter Vivian (Rhetsgis Tell The World) finished her German and and her VDH championships at the International Dog Show, Munich.

May 2003 - Cillas young grandson Simen - Telegram Twist o'Fate was Best dog-2 with CC at The Norwegian Greyhound Club Specialty Show.

June 2003 - Her grandaughter - Ofelia - Another Story Miracle Moment won BOS and her first CC at a Show in Norway.

June 2003 - Nortons son Gladde (Swed Ch Rhetsgis Never Tell) won his Danish championship title.

July 2003 - Cilla's granddaughter in Finland, Vesta (Fin Ch FinW-02 Kimsar Blushing Blue) won her Swedish championship title.

July 2003 - Young granddaughter Tracy - Another Story Modern Miracle won BOS and CAJC (JuniorCAC) in the Czech Republic.

August 2003 - Tracy won BOB, CAC, and VDH-CAC and later BOS, CAC and VDH-CAC in Germany.

August 2003 - Cilla's second Great-grandchildren litter was born in Finland with Kimsar Talk-litter. Grandfather, also this time, is Fin Ch Another Story Simon Templar. (Photos can be found on the page My Great-Grandchildren.)

August 2003 - Cilla's daughter Emma became the first Greyhound, ever, in Sweden to win the title Swedish Lure Coursing Champion. Emma is owned by Maria & Mats Guldenhed, kennel Top-Flight Trophy's.

Several of Emma's young children have had a promising start : The young dog "Flash" - Top-Flight Trophy's Fly By Night has already 7 CC's and several Group-placements. His brother "Alec" - Top-Flight Trophy's Fly The Atlantic has 1 CC and 1 lure coursing CC.

Their brothers "Toby" - Top-Flight Trophy's Flying Colours and "Robin" - Top-Flight Trophy's Ready To Fly as well as their sister "Tricky" - Top-Flight Trophy's Ticket To Fly have all got lure coursing licences. (September 2003)

September 2003 - "Gladde" won the Norwegian CC, thus becoming Nordic Swed Dan Norw Ch Rhetsgis Never Tell.

Cilla 13 months

Cilla 1 year

Cilla 13 months

Cilla 2 years

Cilla 2 years

Two classic beauties -
Cilla in our Corvette 1960

Peter & Cilla 4 years

Cilla 4,5 years

Cilla 4,5 years

Cilla 4,5 years

Cilla 5 years

Cilla 6 years

Cilla 5 years, with her son
Oliver 7 months

A visit by relatives from Norway -
Ebony (Ch Northwells Ebony Royal)
& Cilla 6 years

Granddaughter Dagny -
(Telegram Twist'n Turn) 12 months
with grandmother Cilla 9,5 years

Cilla 8,5 years

Yvonne & Cilla -
on Cilla's 9:th birthday

Cilla and "grandma" -
Christmas Eve 2002
photos: Yvonne Karlsson & Peter Hultin

Pedigree of SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story.
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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Eng Ch
Northwells Moonraker
Am Can Int Nord Ch FinW-88 NorwW-93
Gallant Major Motion
Am Ch Heathero Really Gallant Eng Int Ch Shalfleet Stop That Tiger
Am Ch Shalfleet Sparkling Tara
Am Ch Se Rafiq Over The Rainbow Am Ch Ekohils The Wizard of Oz
Am Ch Se Rafiq Annabelle Lee
Moonbeam of Northwells
Am Ch
Aroi Sea Hawk of Shalfleet
Am Ch Ekohils The Wizard of Oz
Aroi Town Swinger
Exhurst Elegance Eng Ch
Padneyhill Prince Charming
Eng Ch Roweth Powes of Exhurst
Eng Ch
Baldrey Mystique
Rondelin Marching Home Eng Ch Solstrand Double Diamond Eng Ch Shaunvalley Cavalier
Am Ch Solstrand Bossa Nova
Wenonah June Folly of Rondelin Wenonah Ken Tucky
Solstrand Indian Summer
Eng Ch
Sulamim Crystal Gayle
of Baldrey
Harestreak Black Phantom Wenonah Ken Tucky
Harestreak Hell Cat
Harestreak Oklahoma Wenonah Ken Tucky
Harestreak Hell Cat
pedigree compiled by Yvonne Karlsson

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