The beginning of Another Story Greyhounds -
a presentation of Yvonne

October 2002 - mother & daughters
"Cilla" (SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story) - 9,5 years,
"Tessan" (Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield) - 4,5 years
& "Nellie" (Nord Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment) - 7 years

June 2004 - siblings
"Nellie" - 8,5 years, "Tessan" - 6,5 years &
"Norton" (Swed Fin Ch Another Story Jay Gatsby) - 6,5 years

September 2007 - Yvonne with "Ofelia" -
Norw Swed Ch Another Story Miracle Moment -
5 years, "Nellie" - 12 years & "Tessan" - 9,5 years

"Skinny" - Gulds Tricky Treat

My name is Yvonne Karlsson and I live in Karlstad, Sweden. For 28 years I lived together with Peter who I lost to ALS in June 2011. Without him Another Story Greyhounds wouldn't have existed. We started with Greyhounds in 1985 - that´s when "Skinny" - Gulds Tricky Treat was born. He was blue - for me, at that time, the most beautiful colour in a Greyhound. Later, he was followed by "Michael" - Swed Ch Baldrey Lucifer for Molecats, a white and black gentleman from England - a dog with the best temperament I have yet encountered.

When "Skinny" was gone, the raven-black bitch "Cilla" - SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story, entered our lives. "Michael" and "Cilla" were both bred by Mrs Jackie White, Baldrey Whippets & Greyhounds, England.

I started thinking about breeding "Cilla" and our first litter was born in November 1995, as the result of an insemination with frozen semen from the U.S., by Eng Am Ch Hubbestad Double Magic, JC, born in England, but living in the U.S.. The result was the red brindle bitch "Nellie" - Nordic Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment.

"Cilla's" second litter was born in February 1998, sired by the handsome Int Swed Ch Hickory's Nauticus (later exported to France). From this litter I kept two blue brindle siblings; "Norton" - Swed Fin Ch Another Story Jay Gatsby and his sister "Tessan" - Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield. Their black brother "Oliver" - Another Story Oliver Twist, went to live with my sister Annika Karlsson.

In May 2002, our third litter was born - "Nellie" was bred to the red dog Sobers Zacchary. From this litter I kept a bitch, "Ofelia" - Norw Swed Ch Another Story Miracle Moment, who is owned in partnership with Siw Tonje Bjerkelund. "Ofelia" lived with her in Norway, but in the summer of 2007 she came back to live with me and Peter.

In the summer of 2005, we had two litters. Litter four - with a singleton puppy - was born in June out of "Tessan", by the young red brindle Finnish male Fin Est Ch Kimsar Feel The Fire.

Our fifth litter was born in August by his sire, BIS Int Am Fin Est Swed Ch FinW-02-04 NordW-03 BaltW-06 Windrock Fernando. The dam of this litter was "Ofelia" and the litter was born in Norway at "Ofelia's" co-owner Siw Tonje Bjerkelund's. She did a fantastic job. From this litter I co-own "Klara" - BIS Int Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHV-07 Another Story Lyin' Eyes, together with Siw. We also kept the red dog "Chico" - Norw Swed Dan Ch Another Story New Kid In Town, that since March 2008, lives with me. "Chico" is a gorgeous dog, and it didn't take me long to realize I had really missed having a male dog in the house. Siw and I co-own "Chico".

Siw and I have known each other for 15 years and since we have always known that we can work extremely well together, the idea was born, that I and Siw would form a "real" partnership across the Swedish-Norwegian border. In January 2006, it was decided that Siw would be a full partner in the Another Story kennel. Siw was already a breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs and during 2006-2009 we bred four PWD-litter under the prefix Another Story, but for the time being, we are concentrating on Greyhounds only. (More about the PWD-litters on Siw's page).

We had our first co-bred Greyhound-litter in April 2007 (litter six). We used frozen semen by BIS Int US Nord Norw Swed Fin Dan Can Ch Gaia Sunridge Sunrise on "Ofelia". From this litter we kept "Elli" - Norw Swed Dan Ch Another Story Here Comes The Sun, co-owned by me and Siw and Wibeche Skaslien, Norway. We also co-own "Grace" - Swed Ch Another Story Waiting For The Sun, with Mats & Brith Olsson, Växjö.

Litter seven was born in December 2008, by Dan Norw Ch DKK Jubilee Winner-07 NordV-08 Eikica Elvish Eliott out of "Klara". Here we kept the red brindle bitch "Nezzie" - Another Story Tiger Tale, in co-ownership with Annalena Fagerström, Sweden and also in co-ownership the blue brindle bitch "Hilda" - Another Story Tiger Blues, with Christin Rognerud in Norway.

Our eighth litter was born in July 2011, by Int Norw Swed Dan Ch Epic Genuine out of "Elli". From this litter we kept "Line"- Another Story White Summer Beach, who lives with Siw in Norway.

When "Chico" was used at stud at kennel Gruagach in 2007, owner Jim Powell, we kept a puppy: "Oskar" - Norw Swed Ch Gruagach By Choice. He lives in Norway and is co-owned by Siw and me.

From "Chico's" second litter, at kennel Telltale's in 2010, we kept two pups: "Devin" - NJW-11 Norw Swed Fin Ch Telltale's Devin and "Dacey" - NJW-11 Telltale's Dacey. Unfortunately we lost "Dacey" at 15 months of age, due to an unfortunate earlier accident when she was a small pup with her mother. We couldn't believe it when "Devin" also had to be put to sleep, due to the same injury, a broken pelvis. He had just turned two.

We were struggling for a while if we were to go on or stop breeding. We have decided that we will breed "Klara" a final time. Hopefully there will be puppies in early spring 2013.

Since I am not physically well, I have no longer any real possiblities to keep many dogs and litters at home, so co-operation suits me very well. I co-owned "Michael's" daughter "Bailey" - Nordic Swed Norw Dan Ch Rhetsgis Tell Another Story. She was born in 1996 and she lived with her breeder, Gisela Balz, Rhetsgis Greyhounds & Whippets.

I also co-owned "Bailey's" beautiful daughter by "Norton" - "Betty" - Swed Ch Rhetsgis Telltale (born in June 2000). She lived with Anna-Carin Falk, Telltale's Greyhounds.

I also co-owned the American import, "Nando" - BIS Int Am Fin Est Swed Ch FinW-02-04 NordW-03 BaltW-06 Windrock Fernando who lived with my very good friends Kimmo Saarinen & Seppo Tanninen, Kimsar Greyhounds, in Finland. I have known Kimmo since he had his first Greyhound.

My Greyhounds all live indoors, and at night it's a bit crowded in my bed, since they - all - insist on sleeping there!

On the following pages you can learn more about our dogs and study their pedigrees. There are also several more photos to look at - photos of our Greyhounds, but also of many of their ancestors and other relatives and Greyhound friends. (Willl be updated soon.)

The thrill of the chase 1 - "Michael" & "Cilla"

Summer 2001 - Yvonne and
"Tessan", "Nellie", "Cilla" & "Norton"

Summer 2001 - Peter with "Tessan", "Nellie" & "Norton"

The thrill of the chase 2 - "Tessan", "Nellie" & "Oliver"

Yvonne with "Nellie" on her 9th birthday in November 2004

Summer 2006 - "Nellie" - (11 years) & her granddaughter
"Klara" - BIS Int Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHV-07 Another Story
Lyin' Eyes (11 months)

June 2007 - "Nellie" - (11,5 years) with her granddaughter "Grace"
- Swed Ch Another Story Waiting For The Sun (8 weeks)

Daughter & sire:
"Bailey" (5 months) -
Nord Swed Norw Dan Ch
Rhetsgis Tell Another Story
& "Michael"

Yvonne with "Nando" -
BIS Int Am Fin Est
Swed Ch FinW-02-04
Windrock Fernando
photo: Kimmo Saarinen

Yvonne with "Ofelia" -
Norw Swed Ch Another Story
Miracle Moment - 2 years

Daughter & sire:
"Betty" - Swed Ch
Rhetsgis Telltale - 4,5 years
& "Norton" - 6,5 years

Yvonne with "Klara" - 11 weeks

"Cilla" & "Michael"
SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story &
Swed Ch Baldrey Lucifer for Molecats
Photo: © Gro B. Henriksen
Sometimes I feel my life is all about Greyhounds! I edited the newsletter, published by the Swedish Greyhound Club, for eight years before taking a break, but since a few years back I am once again the editor, together with Malin Åberg. I have also, on and off, for almost 25 years (as long it has existed) been a member of the Swedish Greyhound Club Committee.

In the past, I have participated in several foreign Sighthound publications. I am a member of the Swedish Kennel Club, the Norwegian Kennel Club, the Swedish Sighthound Club, the Swedish Greyhound Club, the Greyhound Club in Great Britain, the Finnish Greyhound Club and the Norwegian Greyhound Club..

A "crazy" hobby of mine, is collecting Greyhounds in all shapes and sizes - china, bronze etc. My home is filled with paintings, figurines, post cards, stamps and all sorts of Greyhound stuff. I also have some Borzoi bits and pieces. Wherever I go, in the world, I always bring something with me back home for my collection. My favourite destination is London, a veritable Mecca for collectors.

You can look at parts of my collection on our homepage, which will be updated in winter 2012/2013. A small part of my Sighthound collection was exhibited in Hundesport, the Norwegian Kennel Club Gazette and in Hundsport - the Swedish Kennel Club Gazette. The reports were made by Gro B. Henriksen, who at that time shot the beautiful photo of "Cilla" and "Michael".

October 2002 -
"Cilla", "Tessan" & "Nellie"

October 2002 -

"Oliver" - Another Story Oliver Twist
with his dam "Cilla"

August 2004 - big contrasts in the heat -
Yvonne, "Norton" & "Nellie" playing in the snow at Färjestad's Hockey Arena
and directly taking a dip in the river Klarälven on our daily walk

Yvonne & Siw with some Another Story-dogs in July 2006:
the Greyhounds "Nellie", "Ofelia", "Klara" & "Chico",
the PWD:s "Mythos" - Norw Swed Ch James Brown,
"Kala" - Norw Dan Ch The Strong Will Survive,
& "Vanja" - Int Norw Swed Dan Ch SW-06 Dancing Queen
photo: Hege B. Ask Krogh

May 2007 -
Yvonne & Siw with the Sun-litter (litter 7)
Photo: Tormod Rist

January 2008 -
"Elli" - BIS Norw Swed Dan Ch (9 months.), "Ofelia" (5,5 years)
& "Tessan" (10 years)

March 2008 - Father & son - "Chico" &
"Oskar" - Norw Swed Ch Gruagach By Choice

Photos: © Yvonne Karlsson, Peter Hultin,
Siw Tonje Bjerkelund & Bjørnar Westmo

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