The co-owner of Another Story Greyhounds -
a presentation of Siw

My name is Siw Tonje Bjerkelund and I live in Ilseng, Norway, toghether with my dogs. My life with dogs started in 1992 with a Border Collie named "Tass". When I got him he was 3 years old and I started to compete with him in obedience. In 1995 I got my first Greyhound, "Speedy" - BIS Norw Swed Ch Bayroad Caught Red Handed (Nordic Ch NordW-97 Sobers Santaro - Norw Swed Ch Schotborgs Earthquake). It was with him my interest in dog shows started. Sadly he died only 3 years old. After "Speedy" I didn't have any dogs for 2 years, because so many other things happened in my life: I was moving, and had to go back to school, and there was simply no time for a new dog in my life.

"Speedy" in 1996 (13 months) at Skokloster
photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Siw with "Speedy"

But in 2000, I couldn't live any longer without a dog, and a Belgian Sheepdog came into my life, "Benito" - Aboucher's Benito de Keno


"Tass" & "Speedy"


When "Benito" was only 7 months old, I got my first Portuguese Water Dog. She was a bitch called "Henna" - Norw Ch Isostar's Hurricane Henna. I came to love this breed so after one year, her half sister came to live with me, "Kicki" - Norw Ch Aquagirl.

"Henna" & "Kicki"

But I could never forget my first Greyhound, and I had been to visit Yvonne in Sweden in 1998, when she had her litter by "Marvin" - Int Swed Ch Hickory's Nauticus out of "Cilla" - SBIS Swed Ch Baldrey Fairy Story. I would have loved taking the strikingly blue brindle, almost 7 months old "Norton" - Swed Fin Ch Another Story Jay Gatsby, with me back home to Norway. Unfortunately he was not for sale.

Siw showing "Norton" - almost 7 months old, September 1998
photos: Yvonne Karlsson

I also liked his siblings, Yvonne had at home - the steel blue "Simon" - Fin Ch Another Story Simon Templar (who later went to Finland) and his sister, the beautiful blue brindle bitch "Tessan" - Swed Ch Another Story Tess Durbeyfield.

Siw and "Simon" - 7 months

Siw and "Tessan" - 7 months
Having always admired Yvonne's beautiful bitch "Nellie" - Nordic Swed Norw Fin Ch Another Story Magic Moment - by "James" - SBIS Eng Am Ch Hubbestad Double Magic, JC, out of "Cilla", I was happy to hear that Yvonne at last in 2002, had a litter out of her, and this time I finally got my next Greyhound. A beautiful red brindle bitch called "Ofelia" - Norw Swed Ch Another Story Miracle Moment (by a half brother of "Speedy" - "Zacke" - Sobers Zachary). I have always co-owned "Ofelia" with Yvonne, who had some trouble in letting her go with me, wanting to keep her for herself! In the summer of 2007, "Ofelia" moved back to Yvonne in Sweden, since her mum "Nellie" was getting old.

"Ofelia", November 2005
photo: Bjørnar Westmo

Siw with "Ofelia" - 9 weeks
photo: Yvonne Karlsson
In late 2002, I and my good friend Laila Erlandsen, imported a black Portuguese Water Dog from Finland, "Pepsi" - Norw Swed Ch NW-03 Tajmadoran Haribo (4 CACIB's). He lived with me at first, but later he moved to her, at kennel Isostar, Norway. In one of "Pepsi's" litter, a lovley black dog, "Klumpen" - Isostar's Klumpen Kalle, was born. He lived with me and I co-owned him with his breeder Laila. Later "Klumpen" moved to new owners.


Siw & "Klumpen"


Siw with "Janis"

"Kala" - 7 weeks

In March 2003, my first litter was born. "Henna" was bred to Druvgårdens Amadeus King of Art, Sweden. From this litter I kept a black and white bitch, "Vanja" - Int Norw Swed Dan Ch SW-06 Dancing Queen. She is a beautiful bitch and she won her Norwegian Championship title in only three shows and in July 2006 she won her Danish and International championships titles. In November 2004, I had my second litter by "Kicki" and "Pepsi". From this litter I kept a black and white bitch, "Janis" - Janis Joplin. She lives with Anne Havik-Henriksen in Oslo. In August 2005, I had my third litter, from which I kept a black bitch, "Kala" - Norw Dan Ch The Strong Will Survive. She now lives with Anne Havik-Henriksen in Oslo. "Kala" is by Isostar's Jambo out of "Henna".

"Ofelia" - having just given birth to her first litter - and Siw

"Ofelia" with her pups at 3 weeks

Siw with a very young "Chico"
In August 2005, I co-operated with "Ofelia's" breeder, Yvonne, and the first Greyhound litter, out of "Ofelia", was born at Ilseng with me. From this litter I kept two pups; the white and blue fawn bitch "Klara" - Int Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHW-07 Another Story Lyin' Eyes and "Chico" - Norw Swed Dan Ch Another Story New Kid in Town, both co-owned with Yvonne. Their sire is the very succesful American bred dog "Nando" - Multi BIS Int Am Fin Est Swed Ch FinW-02-04 NordW-03 BaltW-06 Windrock Fernando, co-owned by Kimmo Saarinen & Seppo Tanninen, Kimsar Greyhounds, Finland and Yvonne. Both I and Yvonne refer to this litter as "ours" - even if I wasn't officially a co-owner of the kennel at that time. "Chico" moved home to Yvonne and Peter in March 2008.

Siw with the pups at 4 weeks

Siw with "Ofelia" and pups - 5 weeks

Siw with the pups at 5 weeks
In January 2006, when Yvonne asked me if I wanted to join her kennel, I was honoured, but I had to think for a while, but since we have always worked extremely well together, I decided it would be a good opportunity. I am now taking care of the litters, although all the Another Story litters are registered in Sweden. In 2013 the kennel will officially be moving to Norway.

"Henna" playing with "Sella"
(Another Story Best Of My Love)
& "Klara" - 10 weeks

Siw with granny "Nellie" (10 years)
and her grandchildren "Chico"
& "Klara" - 11 weeks

"Chico" & "Klara" - 4 months


Siw and dogs are having fun!

Siw and dogs
- July, 2005

photo: Bjørnar Westmo

Siw with "Ofelia", "Klara" & "Chico"
- January 2006

photo: Bjørnar Westmo

"Luna" - 10 weeks

Siw with "Emil" - 8 weeks, in Holland

The Paradise-litter - 1 day old

Top PWD-bitch in Sweden 2007 and 2nd Best PWD-bitch in Norway.
"Luna" - Norw Swed Ch SW-07 Another Story Begin The Successs

In our first Another Story-bred litter (dob 4 March 2006), by Isostar's Klumpen Kalle and "Kicki", I kept "Luna" - Norw Swed Ch SW-07 Another Story Begin The Success - who after living with Hege B. Ask Krogh in Norway, for a while, is now co-owned with Yvonne and Trude Heggelund.
Our second litter - Another Story Paradise-litter (dob 29 August 2006) is by Nord Ch NordW-02 Abadessan's Cacau D'caramba and "Henna".
In addition I imported a PWD in 2006, the dog puppy "Emil" - American Dancer's Another Story, bred by Luc Rijnbeek & Ellen Rijnbeek-Hagendijk, The Netherlands.
Our third PWD-litter was born in March 2007, by Ch American Dancer's Wanna have Fun and "Vanja". Our fourth - and last - litter, was the Another Story Shakespeare-litter, dob June 2009. It is by Watercoat Cyril of Vilhelmsro and "Kala" and with this litter we worked together with Hege Greiner, kennel Alveseter. There will be no more PWD-litters in the future, at least it is how we feel about it now.

In April 2007, our first co-bred Greyhound-litter was born. The Sun-litter was by BIS Int Am Nord Norw Swed Fin Dan Can Ch Gaia Sunridge Sunrise ex "Ofelia". From this combination we kept "Elli" - BIS Norw Swed Dan Ch Another Story Here Comes The Sun, who now lives with Wibeche Skaslien, but is co-owned with Yvonne and me. We also co-own her litter sister "Grace" - Swed Ch Another Story Waiting For The Sun, who lives with Mats & Brith Olsson in Växjö

In December 2007, "Chico's" son "Oskar" - Norw Swed Ch Gruagach By Choice, came to live with me in Norway. He is also co-owned with Yvonne.

In December 2009, our second litter was born, by Dan Norw Swed Ch DKK JubileeWinner-07 NordW-08 KBHW-09 Eikica Elvish Eliott and "Klara". We kept two bitches, "Nezzie" - Another Story Tiger Tale who lives with Annalena Fagerström in Sweden and "Hilda" - Another Story Tiger Blues who lives with Christin Rognerud in Norway.

Siw with "Klara" -
BIS Norw Swed Dan Ch KBHW-07
Another Story Lyin' Eyes
photo ©: Per Undén

Siw with "Elli" - BIS Norw Swed Dan Ch
Another Story Here Comes The Sun
photo: Hege B. Ask Krogh

Siw with "Oskar" -
Norw Swed Ch Gruagach By Choice
photo: Yvonne Karlsson

In 2010 "Chico's" offspring, "Dacey" - NJW-11 Telltale's Dacey and "Devin" - NJW-11 Norw Swed Fin Ch Telltale's Devin, moved home to me at 8 weeks old, both of course co-owned by Yvonne. Unfortunately we lost "Dacey" at only 15 months of age and "Devin" at 25 months. They both had extremely severe injuries, stemming from very early puppyhood - both had a broken pelvis, and they had to be put to sleep.

In July 2011 we had our next litter. It was by Int Norw Swed Dan Ch NOW-10 KBHW-11 Epic Genuine out of "Elli". Here we kept "Line"- NJW-12 Another Story White Summer Beach. And she is of course co-owned by Yvonne, as all our Greyhounds are jointly owned by me and Yvonne.

We are currently planning our next litter, scheduled for spring 2013. This will be "Klara's" second and final litter.

Siw with "Line" -
NJW-12 Another Story White Summer Beach
photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Siw with "Devin" - NJW-11 Norw
Swed Fin Ch Telltale's Devin
photo: Wibeche Skaslien

Siw with "Dacey" -
NJW-11 Telltale's Dacey
photo: Bjørnar Westmo

Siw with "Klara" (7 years), "Chico" (7 years), "Devin" (21 months),
"Line" (12 months) and "Ofelia" (10 years) in July 2012
Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

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